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The Iranian Bible Society in Diaspora

Translating and distributing the Word of God

amongst Iranians throughout the world

Beloved Pastors and leaders of Churches and Christian organizations,

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus!

In February 1990 the work of the Iranian Bible Society was curtailed when offices were closed by the Islamic Republic of Iran. It is with great thanksgiving that the work of translating and distributing the Word of God in Persian never stopped completely! Now there is more good news! Under the auspices of the United Bible Societies and a group of Iranian Christian leaders, the Iranian Bible Society in Diaspora (IBSD) was recreated in March 2015. Although offices are currently outside Iran, we work prayerfully and with great hope for the day when once more the Society can return from exile to home territory. Until that time, we are committed to the work of distributing Bibles amongst Persians both in the Diaspora and within Iran.The translation and distribution of Bibles among all Iranians was always the aim of the Iranian Bible Society since its inception and throughout its active years. Without God’s help and guidance, however, all human efforts are bound to fail. For this reason, the Board members of IBSD are pleased to announce the week of 14th – 20th of November as the week of prayer for the Iranian Bible Society in Diaspora. We ask you to join us in praying for the success of this venture. We invite you to pray for Christians in Iran and in particular for the work of the Bible Society.
Prior to the Society’s closure different churches in Iran used to dedicate one Sunday a year to supporting the ministry of the Bible Society. On that Sunday, many churches collected a Special Offering or dedicated their regular offerings to the Bible Society. In honor of this tradition and to further rejuvenate the efforts of IBSD we would be delighted if you could share news of the Society’s reemergence, pray for its work and consider donating to the work of IBSD. Your financial support and donations will help IBSD in translating and distributing God’s holy word. In countries where 2
Directors and members of the IBSD Board are available we would be happy to try to arrange for a speaker to provide more details.
If you have any questions or would like further information about the Society or how to arrange for the transfer of funds, please email Nahid@iranianbiblesoiety.org

Mrs. Nahid Sepehri

Executive Director

My name is Nahid Sepehri, serving as the Executive Director of IBSD. It is my utmost joy and appreciation to you for visiting our website. Here at IBSD we strive to uplift God’s Holy Word and serve all Christians from different trends of faith. Should you have any questions or might need further assistance, please let me know.

Revd. Dr. Hormoz Shariat

(Dallas, USA)

Revd. Feridoon Mokhof

Chairman of the Board (London, UK)

Revd. Dr. Sasan Tavassoli

(Georgia, USA)

You may send your support to the following address and write for IBSD:

In USA Please make your checks payable to:

American Bible Society and mail it to:

Nahid Sepehri

P. O. Box 573

Mountlake Terrace, WA 98043

United Bible Societies Association

Stonehill Green, Westlea

Swindon, SN5 7PJ

England 3

United Bible Society for supporting IBSD

Account Number: 140 020 246 996 0

IBAN: GB30 NWBK 6073 0102 4699 60

Beneficiary’s Bank


Bank Name: Natwest Bank

Bank Address: Market Place, Reading, England