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Bible translation is a task that signifies Christians’ view of the holy scripture. From the beginning of Christianity,…


Nothing replaces God’s Holy Word for different audiences of ages, languages, and cultures. When it gets to various Bible publications,…


For the distribution of the Farsi Bible, “At Any Cost” is the adopted motto of IBSD. We have committed ourselves to the delivery of the…


Bible is not meant to be a book on the shelves. It is also not a holy book to be read alone. The Bible is to be read, studied, comprehended and applied daily….

Nahid Sepehri

My name is Nahid Sepehri, serving as the Executive Director of IBSD. It is my utmost joy and appreciation to you for visiting our website. Here at IBSD we strive to uplift God’s Holy Word and serve all Christians from different trends of faith. Should you have any questions or might need further assistance, please let me know.